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Hi, even though we are in the midst of semana santa and Chicxulub is busy most of our families were out to receive their dispensas.

This month the dispensa was a tad enhanced thanks to the various extra donations you made.

The Be Nice…Give Beans or Rice generated a good response.  In total the folllowing is in our larders for upcoming dispensa:  Beans 116.5 kilos     Rice 166 kilos.

Thanks again to Thai Bistro who held a successful food drive that the Food Bank was the recipient of.

Many other foodstuff was also donated and has been and will be distributed over the next few months.  I wish to thank each and everyone who participated in these activities and supported the Food Bank program.

Three new families have been added to the roster this month.

Rosa has a family of 4 and her husband is a welder working from home, Alicia has a family of six whose husband is a stone mason and Glady lives with her grandson. They received their first dispensa this month.

I will take this opportunity to thank Wayne for the many hours he has spent this season taking photos of the dispensas and family visits.  He even got to practice some of his Spanish. Thanks Wayne for all you do!

And a big thanks and good-bye to Shirley and Dave who come every month from October to April…have a great summer and see you in October.