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Hi to everyone

I apologize for the gap in entries…I have been swamped since returning in September but now am ready to get caught up.  I have enjoyed visits from another 4 delightful cruise groups who arrived with donations in hand and ready to see how the folks in Chix live.  As usual the children and directors enjoyed the visits and practiced a bit of english/spanish together.

With the donations from cruisers last season Carmita managed to outfit another 46 kids with backpacks and school supplies and the teachers received classroom supplies as well.

Eric and Monna from Oklahoma delivered their backpacks in spite of suffering a bad case of seasickness from a very rough crossing .  I forgot to take their photo but have a photo of the teachers receiving supplies.

Then there was Kim and William from Texas who were keen to try the local cuisine at Saint Bonnet after their tour.  They brought suckers for the kids who were exctied to receive the sweets.william and kim mathews




And Sheila Steele and her group from Bowling Green Kentucky were busy collecting donations for weeks ahead of their visit. steele group at school 3

photo of donation sept10

more kids and fotos



Then in November arrived Kelli Appleton and her husband Bob from Tennessee celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary who toured the village before shopping in Progreso.  Kelli is a 4H leader and her group packed their backpacks for the cruise.

kelli and bob appletoncruise ship group

One thing I have noticed since returning in September is that many of the cruisers are frightened of coming to Mexico and going off the beaten path.  I can only assure you that having lived here for 10 years by myself I have never felt threatened or afraid.  I hope to meet more of you who would like to see our village here and make a difference in the lives of some children.