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It was a rather fabulous February for those who like fun, fashion, food and fundraising.  And you really had to be there to see it to believe that women and a few men wouldactually arrive at Bamboo Beach in Chicxulub  by 9 a m to get a good table for the 10 o’clock show sponsored by Olga and Charly.

By that time,the Lebanese beauty – the fashion queen of expats, local residents and winter visitors – had assembled her colourful and chic collection, inventive food was being whipped up by Charly and staff and the raffle tables were loaded with donated gifts.

Restaurant gift certificates, hand crafted jewelry, leather hat and bag and much more –  all gathered by a team of volunteers with proceeds going to the Chicxulub Food Bank.

The fun? Well, that gathered momentum as people settled in to get ready for a good time.

No one really knows who had the first drink of the morning with the two complimentary drinks offered with the ticket……and we’re not talking coffee.

But as soon as the beat blasted out, and with audience clapping, the models took over the scene. And they punched up the fun even more.

Kudos to Charly for authentic Mayan dips and spreads and a Mayan dessert. The strawberry cheesecake was divine, dahlings.
The raffle table was a big success with the following businesses making donations:
1.  Food gift certificates-El Faro – Chicxulub

2.  Food gift certificate – Barlovento – Progreso

3.  Food gift certificate – Captain Flores – Chicxulub

4.  Food gift certificate – Buddy’s – Progreso

5.  Food gift certificate – Flamingos –Progreso

6.  Food gift certificate – Los Tiburones – Chicxulub

7.  Food gift certificates – Davids  – Chicxulub

8.  Food gift certificate – Brava Tapas – Merida

9.  Food gift certificate – Cafe Creme – Merida

10.  Food gift certificate – Sol y Mar – Progreso

11.  Food gift certificate – La Esquina  – Progreso

12. Earrings and Pendant – Jodi OBrien

13. Earrings and Necklace – Jorge Jewelry

14. Silver Pendants – Cathy Halliwushka

15. Necklace – Andrea Ohuiginn

16. Necklace – Linda Tragemann
17. Wire wrapped ring with blue stone – Kuxtal Diva

18. Beach creations – Lorraine

19. Butterfly Windchime – Uxmal de Taxco


0 Leather Hat and Bag – Richard of Balam Balum

21. Cotton Hat – Cuban Ladies of Balam Balum

22. Art – Maggie Wheeler

23. Knitted Dress – Barb Schumley

24. Cut, Colour and Product – Robert Abuda

25. Pedicure – Kareena

26. Facial – Laura

About 1,3000 pesos  from the event will go to the food bank which includes portions donated by Olga.