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The season got off to a good start and as you can see from the photos everyone is enjoying themselves!



Every week just keeps getting better!

As you no doubt have heard, we had 25 kids out on Saturday which included at least 6 or 7 girls and one Mom  – One local Dad took on the responsibility of pitching to both teams and did a great job – another Dad offered support and cheering.
Everyone had a great time the kids divided up into two teams and the ‘big kids’ helped out in the field and behind the fence making sure everyone kept their places in the batting order
Brooke and Don brought some more shoes and some ball pants which they handed out to the kids that needed proper footwear – and those who fitted the pant sizes.  Needless to say there was a modicom of excitement during this time.
At the end of every game, all players gather around and join hands for “3 Cheers”  – this practice started off with a bit of skepticism from the kids and now they eagerly jump in and shove their hand into the center for the resounding cheer.


This week we had 32 kids out and Karl divided them up and took the wee ones to a separate part of the field and played a game while the rest of the “big guys”  divided into two teams and had a rousing 3 end  game which for some unknown reason ended in a tie.

At several points in the game, the kids were actually yelling and cheering their team mates on so there is a bit of enthusiasm for the game building!
We had our faithful Dad out to pitch and a Mom or two in the stands as well as the one Mom who loves to play.  More sports shoes went out to those whose feet fit.


 Week 4 saw 5 or 6 kids at the park before 9:15 and they all came running up to the car with big smiles on their faces – hauled the equipment and were eager to get going – a very nice enthusiastic welcome.  Here you will see the children, some moms and grandmas who come out to play every week.  It is wonderful to have the community involved and playing together!