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Baseball season started out with a bang on January 9th, with the young players greeted by the Comisario of Chicxulub along with a young college student with responsibility for recreation activities for Chicxulub and by a reporter/photographer from Por Esto.

There were anywhere from 7 to 20 players on any Saturday, but usually about 12-14. The majority of players were from the afternoon classes at Quintana Roo School, and were mainly boys between 9 and 12. We usually managed a short warm up before splitting into two teams and playing two or three innings.

We were delighted to see the skill development in some of the young players joining us for their first season. And a few of our veteran players are now quite adept in both batting and fielding. Good, too, that we see the older players helping and encouraging the newer ones. Sadly missed was our normal cohort of female players, who have “grown up” and prefer to watch from the stands, despite much coaxing to join us.

On two occasions, the recreation director arrived, put us all through vigorous calisthenics and ran skill-improvement drills. The coaches looked forward to his promised weekly involvement, but it did not materialize. (We will work on that for next year.)

Unfortunately, we were rained out for the last two Saturdays of the season.

The kids love any kind of baseball gear and, should anyone have sources at home for getting T-shirts, hats, runners or headbands, you’d make some kids very happy. If printing is also available, we have named ourselves the Chix Craters.

As always, new volunteers for next year will be welcomed-no experience or athleticism necessary. You need only the ability to hold a ball, a love of children, a desire to have fun and a willingness to get out of bed to be on the field on Saturdays from 9-10:30.