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Children have a chance to show off their talents

Thanks to a group of interested snowbirds, the children attending Andreas Quintana Roo afternoon program and Benito Juarez elementary schools had the opportunity to participate in a contest about Chicxulub Puerto and what it means to them.

Mike and Lorraine Gregory from Ontario Canada donated a bike to the Chicxulub Food Bank to be given to one of the children.  How do you choose one person to win this wonderful gift?  insert link here

Thanks to Carmita Pech, a competition was created for the grade 5 and 6 girls from Benito Juarez and Andres Quintana Roo, afternoon program, to do an essay and presentation on Chicxulub Puerto and what their home means to them.

In total, 9 children came to Bamboo Beach, the home of the Chicxulub Food Bank on the evening of Feb.22, with their written stories and presentations of the town of Chicxulub.

It was a fun-filled time with the energy that kids always bring with them and some of the folks who are involved with teaching English to the children.  There were teachers and the principal from AQR in attendance also.  This group of supporters sure gave the kids a boost.

Most of the displays showed the pier, both new and old and the town centre using recycled materials and imagination!

Judges were Pauline and James Leppard, Arlene and Bernie Wilgosh, Karen and Wayne Evans, Annie and Ned Bain and Julio from the village.

As usual, Charly and staff at Bamboo Beach were supportive and helpful with this competition.

The awards were handed out Friday March 1st at Bamboo Beach when families and volunteers were present.

Thanks to Suzanne Bourret

What does Chicxulub Puerto mean to elementary students who live in the town?
Well, to a group of nine girls, in Grades 5 and 6 from Benito Juarez and Andreas Quintana Roo schools, it meant sharpening
their pencils and thoughts to come up with a winning presentation for a contest that offered a coveted prize.
It was a bicycle donated by Mike and Lorraine Gregory of Ontario, Canada, to the Chicxulub Food Bank.
Carmita Pech developed the contest – an essay and presentation – about what their home town means to them.  There was a lot of thinking and planning going on for a few weeks.
Then the big night arrived at the Bamboo Beach Restaurant, home of the food bank, where supporters – teachers, the AQR principal and volunteers who teach English to the children – gathered to cheer on the contestants..
Colourful displays of Chicxulub pier, both old and new, as well as the Chicxulub town centre, were the attractions on the restaurant tables.Students showed imagination and resourcefulness by using recycled materials.
Winner was Ana Marina.ana marina with her bike carmita y ana marina
Judges were Pauline and James Leppard, Arlene and Bernie Wilgosh,Karen and Wayne Evans, Annie and Ned Bain.
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