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A repeat success following last year’s competition for the girls…this year Mike and Lorraine Gregory from Ontario Canada donated a boy’s bike to the Chicxulub Food Bank to be presented to one of the children.

This year the theme was Salt Mining in Chicxulub.  The boys were gung ho, thanks to Magda who worked with the children and had them  write interesting reports. Magda is our school psychologist who organized the campaign with the help of Carmita, our guardian angel of the food bank.   Carmita brought our youngest volunteer, Lina her granddaughter to participate.

The winner is Emmanuel Manzanero Vargas from Grade 5 at Andres Quintana Roo Primary School in the afternoon session.

The Honor Guard went through their usual paces under a blazing sun (+38) paying homage to their country and flag.  The kids all stood at attention with arms raised and sang the national anthem.  James, one of the grade 5 english teachers was in attendance as was Wayne, our recognized photographer.  As you can see, James could not resist trying the new tires out!