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As winter passes by, these young volunteers have kept busy every Sunday meeting and working with the children of Chicxulub.  We meet either on the beach or at the Alarifes Union Centre on calle 23.

It has been quite a learning experience for everyone and has been enjoyed by all.

Have a look at the photos to see what we have been doing.

These photos show Terri teaching the students and Magda our school psychologist how to use the audiometer machine and then they practiced on one another to experience it.  Each one enjoyed the experience, but I think Luis in the blue sweatshirt laughed the most.


The following weeks children were tested when they showed up.  Unfortunately most of the parents did not see the importance of this and did not bring the kids.  So a few have been tested and we have moved ahead with another activity.

A school from Progreso donated 9 metal desks for the school psychology program which is much appreciated…but they desks needed sanding and painting to have them look “right.”  Some of us rose to the challenge…