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What is GlobeIn?

GlobeIn is a web site created to make a difference in the lives of local artisans by connecting them with the global economy.

And over the years, and in particular this past year with the Bazar del Muelle I have met many dedicated, creative and hard-working artisans who need this opportunity to introduce themselves and their products to the world.

Sounds grandiose?  Well maybe a little bit but this is what technology and computers have done for us.

Following the exposure and success of the Bazar del Muelle held at Bamboo Beach, many of the artisans were feeling lost without this welcome event.  This site was discovered and the excitement built and as of today there are 3 local artisans that are listed on the site and I am designated their artisan helper.  Right now the major work has been getting their information on the site and introducing them to the world.

No easy task, let me tell you but with perseverance and skilled help from GlobeIn we have done it.

After the summer I will consider adding more artisans online but will need more helpers as well.

Check out www.globein.com to better understand what I am rambling about.

You will see the faces of Abraham who works with cowhide and many of you bought his treasures at Bamboo Beach; then Jorge and his jewellry creations and thirdly Socorro who is the talented crocheter who makes the Chicxulub pop-top bags.

abraham globein globein photo socorro photo