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It is time to refresh everyone’s memory about why this project is happening and how it works.

This winter I spoke with many people about the Food Bank and what exactly it is all about.  I was surprised to hear that many people thought it was only monthly bags of food being given to needy families in the village.  It is so much more and so over the next few months I will do a review.

What began as a food bank has changed in response to the needs of the community.  Needs have been identified by parents, schools and community members.

The Adopt a Family program sees to the needs of the registered families.  People that wish to adopt a family for 1 year donate $75 Canadian and are assigned a family.  That is correct, for this donation a family receives a bag of staples that they can count on the entire year.

When making the donation you can request a certain family constellation and if possible I assign you your request.  Or you might want to donate specifically to the school or seniors or vitamin or summer programming.  You can make a request and I will do my best to honour it.

The monthly newsletter, published 10 months a year is available to anyone who wants it.  Remember it is easy to subscribe and unsubscribe if you like.  Check out www.foodbankchicxulub.com to see how easy it is.

If anyone wishes to make a donation here is how you do it:

To receive a tax receipt all you need to do is write the cheque to:

Canadian Food for Children
40 King George’s Road
TO Ontario
M8X 1L3
Attention Mary Reid:

Include my name, Sharon Helgason, and Chix Food Bank project and they will issue the receipt and deposit the money into the Food Bank account here in Mexico.