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In 2011, following an unsuccessful pre-school breakfast program a vitamin program for all registered children was initiated thanks to private funding.

Throughout the year, a range of 4- to 85 kids receive the Similares vitamins for children in the form of tablets, jarabe (syrup) or gotas (drops) for newborns.

Similares is the only pharmacy in town that offers kids vitamins at a reasonable cost.  If vitamins are bought on Mondays there is up to a 25% discount on the purchase.

This program continues as long as there is funding for it.

The age range is due to the high incidence of malnutrition in the village.  If the condition is not treated by age two, the children never catch up according to research done by the WHO.

The breakfast program worked only for about 6-8 weeks for a 3 year period so this was the next best option to help the children.

Anecdotes from the moms indicate the kids seem to be healthier and spend less time at the clinic.

The program will continue as long as there is funding.