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Well, things are moving ahead.  The soup kitchen is now open 3 days a week (M-T-F) feeding a variable number (70)  of children, seniors and moms who arrive around 12:30 to put something warm in their tummies.

I would like to say thank you to all of you who donated food to the soup kitchen as when you were going home.  These additions helped the volunteers extend their meals day in and day out, so please know you all made a difference in the lives of Chicxulub people who visit the soup kitchen.

Susana Camara is working with a group of her friends in Merida to  organize funding as groups of people are asked to support on a weekly or daily basis as best they can.

There will be a Recognition Wall to show the folks who are wanting this acknowledgement as well as a calendar that indicates whose “day” it is.

The clients are being mobilized to help with the cleaning up after the lunch to help the work team of the day.  The week of May 6th saw one family help with sweeping and putting chairs away.

Dona Ara now has 3 groups of ladies willing to work in the kitchen so now it will be open Mon-Tues and Fri and that is exciting.

Thanks to Susana Camara and her hard work, the soup kitchen will now receive a donation of 20 kilos of fish every 2 weeks from the Zacharias Cun family in Progreso. The clients will receive a weekly meal of fish cooked with love and expertise by Dona Ara and her volunteers.

The kitchen also receives weekly donations of 1.5 kilos of pork from Dona Liz and Dona Diana and the Food Bank will cover the cost of chicken for the months of May and June at a cost of approximately $350 pesos per day / $700 pesos per month.

Tortillas are donated by Dona Pastora and same day use veggies by Dona Elvia all from Chicxulub.

The church through Padre Mex provides the building, all costs of utilities and 5 gallon bottles of purified water.

Other regular contributors are Dona Goya, Dona Luisa and Don Josue.

The work group has determined the cost per day to feed an average of 70 people (young and old) per day is 700 pesos
So the next step is for Susana to look for donors willing to sponsor per day, week, month or whatever combination comes up.  
These folks, if they want will have their names added to the Recognition Wall and the monthly calendar so volunteers can see what the need is and the community will see who is helping out.

Susana is soliciting discounts and donations at various shops in Chicxulub, Progreso and Merida.  Time will tell if we have been able to mobilize the community but things are looking very hopeful.

Anyone wishing to “Sponsor A Lunch” is free to do so and maybe this coming winter we will see some new names on the board.

A big thank you to Jody for raising the challenges at the kitchen and for Susana for stepping forward to take on the initiative and mobilize the community.

Everything is looking positive!