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This month’s despensa was a bit of a challenge and took the work of everyone involved to make it happen and get it done! But get it done we did!
These folks worked hard on the 14th to shop and package in record time. Then on the 15th these folks and a few more worked to get the despensas out, as well as the Christmas hampers and vitamins for the kids. It took us about 1 ½ hours but we got it done!
Santa came out of the mothballs and again was the star of the show for young and old alike.

As we started off we were all excited and full of energy.

Yahir from the newborn program is a year old now and although he sat (laid) on Santa’s knee last year, this year he is busier. Here you see him wanting to grab Santa’s beard and we only hope he doesn’t get a hold of it on Sunday.
Check out the smile on this young fellow who could not stop looking at Santa.

No-one was shy asking for a picture with Santa. Cristina wanted her picture with Santa and she gave us a lovely smile.

These kids seemed to be asking Santa “have I been good this year?
This next one seems to answer the question; “I think we were good.”


Christmas Party

I could upload tons more photos for you to enjoy but I need a bit of room for the photos from the kids Christmas party…suffice it to say the day was a success and everyone went home tired and satisfied!
The kids’ Christmas party was another hugs success and thanks to Bamboo beach and their staff along with the volunteers everything went off well.
Santa and his elves were prepared to receive 150 children when in actuality there were over 200 in attendance and we ran out of everything. Some of the kids went home with chocolates or cake or a candy cane but still seemed happy.
The dilemma for next year is how to do it without running out of toys. I am asking all of you to check your closets and basements for left over toys from your grandkids. Remember the ones we would get from McDonalds or Wendy’s? That assortment would be a perfect solution for the toy box. Nothing big or costly, just simple toys from Santa.