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This program has been in place since 2007 and is open to any interested folks coming to Progreso on any Carnival ship who are interested in making a difference in the lives of people in Chicxulub.The process is:  I receive an email and the planning begins.

The groups tell me what they wish to do and have 4 choices:

1. About 3 hours and includes me meeting the group at the bus shuttle and travelling to Chicxulub, visiting Benito Juarez elementart school and doing a tour of the village;
2. Only pick-up of donation has me meeting the group at the bus shuttle and accepting their donations;
3. Delivery of donation either to me or a predetermined location in Progreso;
4. Includes a quick visit to the school and off to other activity.

Donations include school supplies and/or other donations that are used in other programs with the Food Bank like Christmas wrap and wool for the knitting program.

On average, about 10-15 groups visit every year and mostly in Jan-Feb and March.

As this part of the program grows, changes have been implemented.  With the drop-off point being in 2 locations it is more of a challenge to know where the passengers are but most often I meet them at the Autoprogreso bus terminal.