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That never happened!!

“Logos Hope” arrived Progreso on July 11 from the port of Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz.  It is the largest and only floating library in the world.

.The details to visit were announced the day of arrival at 10 a.m from the Integral Port Administration (API). That was the problem, There was to be a reception that included the state, municipal, maritime, naval and port authorities.

Silly me!!!  I thought the kids would enjoy this ship but the lineups were so long it never happened.

The library ship sails for two main reasons:

  •  To promote unity in the diversity and peace of different countries and culture
  • To facilitate accessibility to literature and culture.

How disappointing for the kids!

There was an opportunity for the kids to visit the Logos Hope as they had expressed an interest in seeing us this summer.