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Barb and her group arrived on January 6th for their 3rd visit to Chicxulub and the school.  Their energy and enthusiasm is contagious.  What was different this visit?  Well, the previous two years the group consisted of many women but this year, the group included husbands and young adults.  It was a fun time.  We walked through the village to catch up with the kids as school was out due to a teachers’ meeting about educational reform.  The treats were accepted by all, including the local police who were interested in what we were doing.

with Benito Juarez IMG_3990 IMG_3996 IMG_3995 IMG_3989 1st attempt


While at the school, we checked out the progress of their attempt to grow a garden.  They need help as it is overgrown with weeds and a few good sized radishes.  The principal indicated he wanted them to grow bigger.  If there is anyone who would like to coach this project along, please visit the school, Benito Juarez on calle 19 at 10 in the village of Chicxulub.