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Olga and her group arrived on January 28th from Texas and brought donations for the Food Bank.  They have been here before and wanted to spend their time enjoying the beach and Maya-Ha.

February has been a busy month with the cruiseros.

On Feb. 4th there was a group of 12 from Mississippi and Louisianna who were excited to tour the village and drop in at the Bazar.  Kevan brought school supplies and Janet Hall and family brought Rx glasses and visited the town and local bazar to buy some souvenirs.

On Feb. 17th there was a group from Sulphur High School in Louisiana celebrating a class of 73 reunion and wanted to help out in our corner of the world.  Katie Gwinner and her group assisted us with the cost of the bus to do the field trip to the Research Centre.

On the 19th Jennifer from New Orleans dropped in for a visit with her group. Unfortunately this day there were 2 ships that came in at different times and we missed one another.  Jennifer went to the school on her own and reports it was a good time.

Wed. Feb 25th Renee dropped in from Texas and enjoyed a visit at the school and the walkabout in Chix.

The end of February is here and for now no more tours.