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November has been a busy and exciting month welcoming folks from the States who are bringing donations wanting to make a difference in the lives of the people in the village.  We had folks  from Indiana, Kentucky, Texas, New Mexico, Alabama and Arkansas.

Early in the month James and family along with Mandi and her family spent time at the local Benito Juarez where the children practiced their english and said lots of hellos and smiled to the visitors.

The group was interested in seeing how the folks live on a daily basis and as we walked the streets everyone was warmly greeted by folks.

The local tienda were we stopped for drinks was willing even if a bit confused to accept the American dollar.

There was a new cruise line, Princess who came to port on a Friday.  From this ship, Lisa  and David and Kathy and Alvin walked through the school and saw some interesting sights.


Then Nancy came with her granddaughters  who toured the school and asked the question “what happens when the kids don’t behave?

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Sandi and her husband came with a ton of donations for the schools and the school psychology program.  It was a bit of a challenge finding one another but thanks to Sandi’s perseverance it happened!

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