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Cruise ship program follows several steps:
1. Contact the program with date of arrival
2. Information sent to interested parties
3. Final decision made that includes time and site of meeting
4. Autoprogreso and the city government have been making changes to the location of the artisans’ market and the drop off from the free shuttle buses.
5. As of Sept 2012 the drop off site can be 1 of 2 places: either the artisan’s market or the Autoprogreso bus terminal.  If the party is interested in going on a tour, Autoprogreso will leave directly from the pier with no stop in Progreso.
6. It is a challenge to determine which stop you are going to so the solution is: I plan to meet you at the bus terminal and if we successfully meet there wonderful and we continue our visit to Chicxulub.
7. If you end up at the artisan’s market, look for a stall that has the banner “Mr. Jewelry Maker” over it.  This is Jorge’s stall and he sells his own designed and made jewelry and has agreed to help me out with this challenge.  Ask Jorge to call me and I will come to meet you. I will only take about 7-10 minutes to get there…then we are off to Chicxulub.
mr jewelry maker