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Elena and her family from Roger Arkansas were to arrive on the Triumph Wednesday March 26th.  They have been to Progreso three previous times and were excited to return and bring a donation for the schools.  Just prior to their departure, there was a spill in Galveston that caused the cancellation of their visit to Progreso.  Not to be stopped, Elena responded to the news that the  backpacks had arrived:”I’m so glad they worked it out. We left them with the ship and they were waiting on Mexican Customs to respond as to whether it was ok for Carnival to hand them over. We hadn’t heard anything but are super excited to hear that it all worked out.”  Part of the donation included a microscope that will be used during the summer camp for the kids in Junior Detectives Part II.

On April 2nd, Tonya and her family from Minnesota arrived to enjoy some summer-like weather after a long winter in Minnesota! After a tour through Chicxulub, the family toured Dzibilchaltun where they enjoyed the wonderful cenote and museum before heading off to Cozumel.

Their follow-up to the visit is this comment “Thank you for a wonderful experience.  When we’ve been on cruises in the past and stopped at a city that is clearly struggling with poverty,  I always leave feeling like I’d like to go back and help out in some way.  It was also great for our kids to see and hear how others live.

I’ve always dreamed of helping improve a community and it’s so great you’re using all of your experience to improve the lives of those around you!!!
We had a very hot afternoon at Dzibilchaltun !  and the cenote felt amazing (we should have jumped in first!!)”