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The day before the 15th was a very different day than previous months.  I was by myself doing the shopping at DunaSusa and the groceries were delivered by two store employees.  My stalwart helpers, Dave and Shirley who were here faithfully every 14th and 15th for seven months have gone home and so I needed to be creative in getting the job done.

As well, the packaging crew has shrunk but we got it done in record speed.

May 15th dawned a bright and sunny and all the moms had just celebrated Mother’s Day here on the 10th, here  in Mexico.  So on this day, the only extra I had for each of them was a candy sucker and everyone enjoyed one.  I even had 3 bottles of adult vitamins so they were handed out as well to those older women who had been asking for vitamins.

We welcomed the 2 newest babies, Ingrid Dzip who was born April 4th at a weight of 3k-600g and Roberto Esaia April 19th 3k-790g .  Watch for photos next month of Ingrid and Roberto.

Many of the kids, who are usually in school came with mom or on their own for the despensa and enjoyed the suckers.