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Special report from Susan

We have had another great year teaching English to students at Quintano Roo. We had enough teachers for  grades 4,5, and 6.

I would like to thank the staff at the school for giving us the opportunity to work with their students.

A big thank you to Mary and Karen and their support group for a job well done!

We had a great bunch of students again this year in grade 6. They were all eager to learn. Our themes included: families, body parts, calendar, numbers, etc.

We had a special Art Lesson from Edie Marshall, an artist from Saskatchewan. Edie had a grade 6 class in Watrous Saskatchewan do a caricature self style portrait that they exchanged with the  Chicxulub grade 6 class doing the same portrait.   I think this was the highlight of our English class this year.We We have some very good artists!

You know the teachers and students had a great time when they all came into class smiling and left the class smiling. A few hugs were also enjoyed.

For our last day we played Bingo and each student received a prize. Students also took home their folders filled with their work, group picture, a diploma for taking our English class,and their Art picture. We received  hugs and kisses as the students left our class.

Thank you again to all who have been involved with our English program. This includes teachers, support groups, and those of you who have donated school supplies. If it wasn’t for you, this program would not be possible, Perhaps we might have a grade 3 class next year!                                                                                                                                             Thanks to all. See you next year.    Susan

Report from John, grade 5:

The program consisted of greetings and salutations in English. Good morning, Good afternoon and Goodnight.

Methodology consisted of an activity based centre. Students were encouraged to speak often in English.

Manners were taught through handing out name tags, receiving gifts, entering and leaving the classroom.

Mathematics was taught buy using a dice game, counting students, adults, and rote counting up to one hundred.

Emotions, and family structure were also taught. Birthdays were recorded and celebrated.

Classroom volunteers : Mary, John, Wendy, Brooke, Pauline, Trish, Beth, Nancy.

We also had many volunteers! Everybody had fun learning!



Thanks to everyone for their volunteer energy.  We are giving the children of Chicxulub a head start with these skills.