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Special report from Susan

We have had another great year teaching English to the students of Quintana Roo. We had enough teachers and helpers for grades 4, 5, and 6.I would like to thank Karen, Beth, Diane, Mary, John, Brooke,Ruth,Pierrette,Alexis,Ken,Grace,Kitty,Kathryn,and Jim.

We had a great bunch of students this year in grade 6.Our themes included:families, body parts, calendar, emotions numbers,etc.

Groups worked great as we had up to 35 students.

Our last day in the English class we played bingo and each student received a prize. Students also took home their folders(filled with their work) group picture, and a diploma for taking our English class.
The principal,teachers, and the students put on an appreciation afternoon for our teachers and helpers. The grade one students handed out Happy cards to the teachers and then sang a beautiful song. Students handed their teachers sincere cards thanking them for coming to their school and teaching them English.

Thank you again to all of you who have been involved in our English School Program. If it wasn’t for you this program would not exist.       Sue

Watch for more photos as they come in.

mary with grade                   teachers preparing 2