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What a wonderful experience we all had again this season at Andres Quintana Roo Primary School in Chicxulub! Forty four volunteers, the afternoon students in grades 3 through 6, and their Teachers and Directora all worked together to promote and provide introductory English instruction one hour a week over 10 weeks from January through to the end of March.

The curriculum at each grade level includes words and phrases for meeting and greeting people, family and friends. It builds year to year to include simple sentences such as ‘I have’, ‘I do not have’, ‘I can’, ‘I cannot’, ‘do you have’ etc. As well, the students get some practice in counting in English.

he program is mostly oral. The students are encouraged to talk, talk, talk – to their teachers and to each other – through games, singing and art.

The goal of the programme is to have the students become comfortable hearing and speaking simple English words and phrases so that they may greet visitors to their pueblo if they choose and as a support for their future endeavours in the work force.

Thank you, one and all, for this happy, productive, successful season!