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The glasses that you have outgrown for whatever reason have been recycled through the vision clinic that happens annually in Chicxulub.  Thanks to you, many seniors have been blessed with being able to read the newspaper once again!

As far back as 2006, you were asked to donate used eyeglasses to be given to the local folks who need glasses but cannot afford them. You donated close to 500 pairs and the glasses have been sorted, assessed, cleaned, repaired and handed out.  Even the empty arms can be recycled.

In the village of Chicxulub, in the summer time Carmita who has been trained by the volunteers from the Lion’s Club in Merida tends to people who come to her door and reviews each person as to what they need.

What we are looking for now are the special glasses people wear when they have glaucoma, as well as other eyeglasses including childrens.

sr. Oscar Chan 75 años Rosa Ma. Canul Vázquez (2)lentes María Canul Vázquez Hipólita Jesús May lions club medical members