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We enjoyed 6 afternoons of bingo followed by a delicious dinner at La Antigua during the season.  Your participation helped us raise for the Food Bank as well as donating bags of beans and rice for the monthly dispensas.

Our regular team was Kathy and Wayne, Kay, and of course the staff at La Antigua.  This team was joined by many other volunteers that I hesitate to mention by name for fear of missing someone.  If you look at the pictures of the various months you will see them at work.  I will mention Jackie 1 who managed to live one of her dreams this season!

Funds raised: $37,940 pesos

Beans: 20 kilos and Rice:19

This is a special acknowledgement for a supporter who came to every and although she did not win, anyone who sat close to her did!  Thanks Barb.

Poem for Barb at BINGO from her friends who sat close to her and won!


Barb shared her luck

There  was a young lady named Barb,
Who was a BINGO diehard

To the Food Bank Bingo she went,
Until All of her money was spent…

So close with one number away
Her first BINGO would make her day

No matter how Hard she tried
The losses she could not hide

                                      For those lucky to sit near Barb
You were assured a winning card

                                      Though not finishing first in the race
She still has a smile on her face

                                      Barb, Have no fear
There is always next year!

Highlights from the season:

Thanks for a great season and fun memories!