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Here are a few new items for discovery:
Crocheters out there here is a nice pattern for a bag that looks a bit different from the usual ones.  It makes a great produce bag when going to the market.  I made two of these in the smaller version
For those looking for good yarn shops that are easy to get to there is a terrific one in the Market area, called Salomon.  Calle 65 484×56 y 58.  They have a huge selection of yarns even the cotton we love to use so much for the dish cloths.  Well there is a 200 gram ball called Barroco for 90 pesos in several colours from Brazil.  They also sell a lovely quality cotton that I know Linda (of Que Linda, the lovely lady that knits so many lovely items for the Muelle Market too) uses for a lot of her items called Sinfonia, mercerized cotton sport weight, made in Mexico; it is really nice to use, 100g ball for 45-47 pesos.      I am making the chemo caps for kids with it at the moment.  Another place I like to go is where they sell the cotton for making hammocks.  This is really strong cotton and is not expensive 220 gram skein for 25 pesos.  They have a selection of colours (7) I like it for making bags using the Tunisian crochet method!  I can’t remember the name of the place but it is also at the other end of the block on 65 nearer the park.  There is also another place for this hammock cotton and if you are fortunate to go when they are open, during the week, they are cheaper only 19 pesos per skein: Tejidos y Cordeles Nacionales on calle 56 #516 63y65, two doors down from  Sorianas.  They also sell ready made hammocks at much less than you will find elsewhere.
Another great find is La Maison Bleue, in Merida
There are three shops here and the Cafe Creme.  The pastries are to die for!!!
One of the shops is where you can find the really really comfortable shoes from Miguel de Allende.  Check out the sites
Enjoy and happy stitching.  There are still more Bitch  and Stitch meetings on Wednesday mornings so if any of you like any sort of stitching come on by to my house for a good old chin wag.  I am on Calle 54 beside Leones ( where Sharon lives) in the peach bungalow just east along the beach.
Hope you enjoy this addition to Sharon’s newsletter.  I would love feedback!