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Baseball has had a slow start this year somewhat due to the weather and somewhat to delayed organization – but it is well under way now with a core group of 7- 9 volunteer coach/mentors and between 5 and 12 enthusiastic young ball players – depending on the weather and the reminders at school.  We have been very fortunate to receive more equipment including complete uniforms – and we were able to return some of the borrowed equipment to the school.  Don and Brooke are managing the equipment this year, and Karl is running the practice with the theme based on more fun than practical lessons and everyone is thoroughly enjoying our times together – We play rotational scrub ball which gives all of us the opportunity to play at different positions and to try and hit the ball when it  is our turn – the kids are teaching us some Spanish baseball terminology and we are trying to reciprocate with English.  More kids are always welcome as are any adult coach/mentors who wish to share an hour or so with us and the kids – even if it is only for one weekend, your presence is appreciated.

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March 2nd 2013 

We had 11 little ball players show up at the park, including two girls.  The kids were all given jersies that Don and Brooke had brought with them this trip and then they played a fun game of ball against the 9 adult Can/Am ‘coaches’  – the kids became so proficient at running the bases that they  smeared the seasoned players so badly that the score keeper “lost” the final tally.  Everyone had a great time and it concluded with all local players picking out regulation ball pants and socks that Brooke and Don brought down.  A rousing 3 hip hip hurray’s after pictures signaled the end of the day’s game and everyone ( especially the CanAm ‘coaches’) went home happy.

kids and coaches   pic 4 lorraine coaches pic 9 lorraine

March 9 2013

We had the best ever turn out of kids this week – at the park by 0940 there were already 7 or 8 kids including 2 girls warming up their throwing arms with the 7 or so adults present.  All the kids were wearing the baseball uniforms that Brooke and Don brought down.  By 10 o’clock a few more kids drifted in and by 10:15 we had a total of 17 kids in the batting order.  The ex-pat  ‘coaching team’ were supplemented by 3 local dads who eagerly donned the Princess Auto shirts that were donated from the 2010 Midget AAA Provincials in Manitoba.  These shirts are far too large for the kids but they work well for the coaching team.   All in all, we looked pretty fine all duded up and the kids really enjoyed their uniforms too.

kids  pic 5 lorraine karl pitching  pic 6 lorraine

March 16 was the wind up game with snacks and treats for the kids. Last Saturday we had a whopping 30 kids including 5 girls plus 3 local dads out to play some fun ball.  We were delighted to have 3 visiting Canadian kids and their dad join in as well.  The dad, Derek, enjoyed himself and amazed everyone ( including himself )  with his lightening quick reactions when he snagged not one, but two direct line drives at his face.

The kids were divided into two teams and went head to head for 4 innings  while the regular “coaching staff”  stationed themselves throughout the field to mentor and assist wherever they were needed.  Everyone had a wonderful time playing and shouting encouragement.  Because many of the “coaches” are leaving for home soon, we had a wind up ‘banquet’  consisting of chips,cheezies, pop and two bite brownies.

We would like to thank our regulars, Karl, Diana, Jean, Austin, Lorraine, Gerry, Don, Brooke, Julie, Linda and Berri for their fantastic help and support – A special HUGE thank you goes to Sharon Helgason for initiating and instigating this whole process – without her, none of this would happen.

bb11 team y coaches brooke 1

The kids have had a very neat and positive experience interacting with all of  you and among themselves and have learned some valuable life skills about team work and sportsmanship.

We have a couple of new assistants who are willing to take over the reins and continue the games for another couple of months which will be a terrific opportunity for the kids to continue doing what kids should do, having fun. Some of the local fathers may wish to continue with games for another couple of weeks and a home has been found to store the equipment over the summer.Everyone left the field with big smiles plastered all over their faces and a bit of ball field dust on their feet. Thanks