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The total community of YOU were very instrumental in helping the Chicxulub Food Bank do well with volunteering your time, your talents, having fun, shopping and learning the language.

Summary of the events that have supported the Chicxulub Food Bank:

  • Neek Kaan Garage Sale hosted by Judi and Debbie.

In December Judi and I were chatting about how we could help the Food Bank raise funds in order to be able to help with the new building.

One idea we had was to host a “stuff swap” where people who had too much of something, or things they weren’t using, could donate them for the purposes of selling them. I was away for most of January, so when I got back Judi got right on things and we went to work, letting people know our plans, and setting a date and time for the sale to take part.

We and several other people had fun clearing out our closets of things not serving a purpose, and then many of us and others, hunted through and chose others’ hand me down treasures and made them our own. It was a fun afternoon that took place under the palapa at Neek Kaan, and in just a couple of hours we were able to raise $3500 pesos towards our objective! Yeah!

A great idea, quickly turned into a good and fun fundraiser! Here’s hoping the Food Bank’s building will be in place by next year! But we will repeat the garage sale, as it was definitely well received and enjoyed by many!

Money raised 3700 pesos Judi and Debbie

  • House Tour


More than 300 people toured through 9 homes in Progreso and Chicxulub, as well as  the Soup Kitchen Community Garden on Saturday, March 2. The event, a benefit for the New Progreso Apoyo Program and the Chicxulub Food Bank was enjoyed by both home visitors and the home owners themselves. The Home Tour started and ended at La Cola del Cocodrilo, and a raffle of many interesting items, including original art, helped raise additional funds. More than 160 people used taxis organized by local taxi driver Omar Tuien to shuttle them between the homes. The money raised will be used the new Progreso Apoyo Program to help re-start the Program, now under new leadership, and help the Chicxulub Food Bank continue to provide vital services to low-income families of Chicxulub.

Money raised 25,000 pesos

  • Spanish classes were held weekly at Neek Kaan under the palapa. Debbie and her students raised 1810 pesos for the Food Bank.

This winter, from February to April, I held a small but fun Spanish conversation class for some of my fellow foreigners in Progreso! We started with 3 students, and by the end of March had up to 10 students! We learned relevant things, including lots of study of numbers and practice aloud of this, played some games and generally had fun in Spanish!  I charged a small amount for the classes, and these funds were handed on to the Foodbank, hopefully to help with the construction of their new building in Chicxulub! We had a fun last class with a smorgasboard of goodies and playing Bingo, then headed to the Cola de Cocodrilo for the Woodstock Music Fest to celebrate! I hope to hold a similar class next winter, God willing, and look forward to helping others be able to converse with our Mexican friends in their own language!

  • Andrea’s Knitting Group Another season has drawn to an end. It has probably been our best year yet. 11430 pesos.
    Our weekly meeting in my home has become even more popular with many new lovely ladies helping out with knitting or crochet hats; dish cloths and slippers for the old folks home. Some of the lovely hats are taken to Merida for the other group I’m involved with making chemo hats for the cancer kids in the Agustin O’Horan children’s hospital. They treat all the children south of Mexico City and Belize.
    We were happy to raise money through the sales of knitted and crochet items at the Muelle Market and even held a raffle for a quilt raising 4400pesos. Through the “Bitch and Stitch “ alone we made 2800p. This year I ventured further into knitting and selling two Amiga sweaters (how appropriately named) to help top up things.
    Back in February for Candelaria day I enjoyed helping to make the delicious Tómales Colados at my Mexican fríend Ada’s house. We celebrated the evening with about 18 in attendance; this was also done as a benefit for the Chicxulub Food Bank.
    This brought the grand total for the season to 11430pesos ( $790CD) which will help the Food Bank continue to do its wonderful work. Thanks to all who pitched in!

Muelle Market …….again a banner season with having 8 markets. All were well attended. Amount raised for the school programs 7733 pesos

  • Bingos …The amazing team of Jackie, Karen, Lorraine, Austin, Kathy, Pauline,Bev and of course our great photographer Wayne did a wonderful job.
  • 6 sessions of bingo every 2nd and 4th Wed of the month from January to March…this was a first. Amount raised 28340 pesos
  • Pickleball raised 1000 pesos thanks to a raffle. No photo available.
  • Konrad’s Book Launch

Enjoyed on Feb. 19th at David’s Restaurante saw 1580 pesos contributed to the Food Bank. Konrad is back home now and is continuing with his book sale, Trav-el-ations. He continues to donate to the Food Bank.