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Vista al Mar is a 7 apartment complex sitting on the edge of the pier in Chixculub that has been renovated by a local woman, Lenny.  It rents out fast in the summer and during semana santa and she would like to have some Canadians and Americans come and enjoy her hospitality.  Contact info: aureaelena@hotmail.com 999 947 9752  Elena Gomez (Lenny) speaks english.

4 BR house on the beach. Contact Ana anagaber@gmail.com

Hotel Villas Bayal is a brand new 14 room hotel found on calle  27 close to the Federal Junior High School.   Check out their Face Book page Facebook Villas Bayal.

Villas 14000 per month, mini villas 11,500 and standard is 10,000 a month.Certainly an option when family come to visit and you have run out of space!  email: villas bayal@hotmail.com