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After awakening this morning to a Norte creating an extremely windy and rainy day in the Yucatan, I headed to Bamboo Beach restaurant to open the doors and get the place ready for our monthly  Muelle Market.  After surveying the weather and assessing the situation …I thought thatthe market needed  to be cancelled, thinking who would come out in this weather.

Well after a lot of phone calls and some heavy thinking the Bazar del Muelle was on for the day. Some vendors showed and for the ones who showed it was a Market to remember. After three months of getting it going and being reminded that faith goes a long way  and having patience with the process we had an amazing market.

The customers were happy and the vendors were smiling and very happy. Without them believing none of this would of happened.

So ..thank you ..to all the wonderful vendors for believing and ..thank you… to all the curious people who loved to shop and see what’s at  the market.



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