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Under the B.


And that’s just what many Canadians play in Chicxulub at least twice during their annual winter sojourn from the north.

The fundraiser bingos have been helping the Chicxculub Food Bank since 2009.

That first year at the former Bamboo Beach, it raised $12,840 P to help for the monthly cost of food needed for the 77 families.

Last year it raised $10,500 P.

Why do people like playing bingo so much?

It’s fun, it’s a way of socializing and offers a chance of meeting new people. And besides, the game that dates back to medieval times, allows you to win prizes.

The full house that played last month at Mamma Mia’s gave it their undivided attention ­ until a green bus called, El Bicho, pulled up across from the restaurant. At intermission some rushed out to satisfy their curiosity. They discovered a couple had been travelling in it for 10 years since starting out from Argentina.

Intermission over, it was back to serious bingo playing.

Canadians, Karen Evans and Kathy Worrall, are the hard­working bingo organizers who gather prizes,find the bingo callers and run the show.

Those lining up their beans to place on the numbers called included people from all over Canada and New York.

In the old days, those beans had an even more prominent role because the game was called beano and if you had a winning card, you yelled “beano.”

A New York toy salesman renamed it bingo after he overheard someone accidentally shout “bingo”.

The first game was played at a carnival near Atlanta,Ga., in 1929.

Sharon Helgason, who organized the first fundraiser bingo in Chicxulub says proceeds have helped the vitamin program, the food dispensa and the school psychology program, as well as support a local business, Mamma Mias.

And it helps players’ brains.

A researcher in England found that bingo makes you think faster than non­players and

keeps you alert into old age.  The skill needed is quite high. You have to be a good listener and search for numbers quickly.

Thanks to Suzanne Bourret for this story.