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Well,the year began with 65 families receiving their despensas from Mamma Mias and all went well.

It was a foggy, overcast morning that cleared and warmed by noon.

Some families met with their sponsors while others visited with one another.  A sweet story….one of the team had left in a hurry to get to Mamma Mias and forgot to leave her key for her friend and cleaning lady. Her friend made her way to the event to get the key.  Guess which picture shows the appreciation to her for coming to get the key!

Check the various photos to catch glimpses of the team at work.

I will be doing 16 interviews of family heads to clear off the waiting list people who have been waiting for up to 20 months.

Once the list is cleared I will accept more names on the list.  I do have a criteria now, following the census that will be applied to all who are asking for help.

The team stayed after the despensa and enjoyed food and drink at Mamma Mias while debriefing.