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Another beautiful day for the activity.  A gentle breeze to keep people from getting too hot!

The children’s  vitamins have been dispersed for the summer months so we are all set.  It is always such a chore at this time of the year to get my stash together as it takes thepharmacy people forever to get the order ready…I am not sure what their process is but is seems very awkward!

I am leaving a client list of 90 families with no waiting list following home visits over the past 2 months and interviewing women who subscribed.  Of all the women I visited, there was one family in need.  Many of the other requests came from young women who can work but prefer not to and live on what their husbands earn. They are not eligible and seem to be living a comfortable life.

I am leaving the despensas to Charly and Nancy and other volunteers here for the summer and as the song goes “See you in September!”