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Albeit a smaller number than during the winter months, volunteers came to help out with despensas, vitamins and picture taking.  Thanks to Gustavo, he was able to take all the photos for the day’s activities and you can see them here.

This despensa the families with eligible children received their vitamin supply for the summer.   However once again the supply was short and the full amount was not available for the families.  But we did the best we could and every family received some.

I did get a great deal on the powdered milk.  I usually pay close to 17 pesos per 2 litre bag of powdered milk and thanks to a tip from Carmita who found similar product on sale at Bodega, I was able to buy enough milk for the 3 summer months for 10 pesos so realized a huge savings!  Not sure the cashier at Bodega was happy with my order as she had to count each piece but for the Food Bank it was worth it.

Sunday, June 15th dawned sunny and calm and everyone was smiling and looking forward to the summer and wondering what it might be like this year.  The 80 families registered, arrived