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Feb. 7th is a date to circle on your calendars!  The Chicxulub Food Bank is having its’ fourth fashion show at D”Mar featuring Olga’s designs.

The entertainment is straight from New York and I encourage you to come dressed as you might for a night out on Broadway or your favourite person on Broadway!

Don’t forget to come dressed in the dress of your favourite Broadway show!!

Tickets are 250 pesos and are now available: Jody (Progreso and Chicxulub) at jodywilson124@gmail.com or call at 999-275-3099

Dave (Chelem and Chuburna)  at  dave.grundy@hotmail.com or call +15192807798

Kay (Las Americas) at kmacaulay321@gmail.com or call at 9992013529 or

Sharon at shelgason@hotmail.com or call 9991694704

Also via Face Book

If interested you can reserve a table for your group when you purchase your tickets. Size of table will be for 8 or 10 people.

Hope to see you there.