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For good entertainment and a large dose of fun, it was the highlight of the winter season.

Manuel Sanchez, the well-known Chicxculub entrepreneur pulled it off again.

Nearly 200 came out for his 12th annual pig roast at La Lupita Restaurant in Chicxculub, Feb. 18, 2016.

And this year, the Chicxculub Food Bank was blessed with 10% of the proceeds.

Sanchez donated to the needy in his community.

Elaine DeWindt of Edmonton thought it was a beautiful evening.  “We ( husband John) were very happy to hear a portion of the money went to the food bank. If  it hadn’t been for that, we may have had second thoughts,” she said.

Entertainment was outstanding with a first-rate maharachi band of charming musicians and a talented group of engaging dancers performing Jalisco and Yucatan routines.

The dancers made their performance seem effortless and you could tell they were truly having fun, says Carlton Higginbotham of Zwolle, La., who enjoyed his first-time roast.

Dave Cooper of Amberley Beach, Ont., looked thrilled when one of the beautiful-looking dancers invited him to dance with her.

As usual, the Sanchez family and their friends donated their time to the event.

Young boys provided excellent service delivering plates of rice, black beans and rice to tables and were pleased when tips were offered to them.

And so was the crowd who stayed for tequila/Kailua shooters.

Word is the party continued at CocoMar condos.

Thank you Manuel and the supporters who attended.