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This saying was proven again this month, when on December 4th, the hamper bees came together to put the hampers together for the families on the Food Bank Roster.  These photos will take you through the beginning when the boxes were first piled, through the activity with the hamper bees and show you the finished product.  Enjoy, even though you weren’t here.

First was the prepping!  Presents to wrap and clothes to sort and toiletries to package.

Everyone, except me was present at 10AM as requested and were set to work.

Once the process was outlined everyone hopped to it and worked until all families had their hampers prepared.

We again were light on clothes for teenage boys and young men but managed to find something for everyone.

As you can see from the photos, people worked in pairs and shopped through the various containers putting the items together with a little extra love thrown in.

THANK YOU to everyone who donated items to make this possible and it only happens because of you.