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Dara and Lloyd arrived from Texas on board The Magic and the day was hot!

They arrived with tons of stuff for the folks of Chicxulub.

However they met up with a slight snag…on my part.  The ship came in on daylight savings time but here we are still one hour behind!

I was to meet them at 0915 my time but they arrived one hour earlier and after much time, they found the Catholic Church and made their donation there!

Alas, but the good people  of Progres (ancianos) will receive their gift.

Every year, I seem to get caught up with this dilemma.  I assume the time is local (as on flights) but it never is.  How can I remember this?

Then Crysten and her group arrived from Alabama and thanks to my previous mistake I did meet them on time at the Autoprogreso with my friend Kay and off we went.  They enjoyed the school and meeting the kids and spent some time in the classrooms.  It was a positive, fun event for everyone.