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March 14th, our packing day was off to a slow start!  After purchasing the groceries, the trek to Bamboo Beach began.  However there were problems getting the food to the restaurant!  Once there, the group of volunteers got involved with the packing.  We were going along fine until we ran out of sugar!  How is that possible because the count was quite clear?  As it turned out, the staff at DunaSosa gave one bag of 450 gm and another of 900!  Argh!!!!  Back to the store to clear up the problem.  We had to go through the bags to see which ones had the bigger size and exchange for the right size…lesson learned: check out the sizes before we start and don’t assume anything! Some of the volunteers sorted and counted the additional food donations for dispersal while others helped straighten the book exchange.  All in all, a very productive morning.  A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT!

Now we are at the morning of the 15th.  For the first time ever, there was no milk to add to the bags.  Not one DunaSosa nor Super Willy’s had milk to sell us.  However the extra articles placed in the bags thanks to you helped somewhat .  Our usual faithful clients were there front and centre and ready!