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Well, here we are in the hottest month of the year and the wind continues to blow and the water is not yet clear like in other years.  Like all over the world, weather is changing!However, this morning’s despensa found everyone hot and complaining of the heat, except yours truly.

With only 5 volunteers, the flow was smooth and without incident.  There were lots of kids because today was Teachers’ Day and classes were cancelled. .

As you can see the empty tables and despensas were organized by Ciro at Mamma Mias so that when we arrived everything was ready to go.  It is very helpful for us when he does this.  Nancy was there to do her job of monitoring the cards as was Carmita to welcome the families and collect the 10 pesos while Kay looked after the vitamin table.  The card indicates how tough the various family members can be on the “tarjeta” that they are asked to guard very safely.