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It has been a fairly quiet time in the neighbourhood this past month.  Lots going on in Progreso with motorcycle rallies, beach business with 2-3 long weekends and great weather but quiet in the village.

The dispensa went well and everyone seemed fine.  Summer is coming and the temperatures are going up and people are doing only what is needed to be done.

The weather was fine and everything went off without a hitch…even singing happy birthday (Spanish and English) to one of the clients whose birthday it was.

The needs in the village are still about the same but the demographics are shifting.  I used to have a significant number of young families and averaged 4 newborns a year but this year the seniors are winning out.

New Families:

The young couples who have appeared in Chicxulub, along the cienaga are ones that expect it all without doing much for themselves to make it happen.

By that I mean they might have a scooter, a cable TV but still expect to receive a dispensa monthly.  I explain to them that they are managing ok in that they can afford the monthly cost for T V programming and fuel for the scooters and that is  more than many of the seniors.

They get annoyed with me but I need to ensure that those who have a real need are able to receive.

So onward I go, visiting people in their homes, asking questions and making observations.  Many things change but equally many things stay the same.

Candid photos from touring the village…

And so life goes on for each of us, doing the best we can do.