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This week I had two groups scheduled to visit and I missed both of them.  Monday 2 ships arrived and I was excited because the family coming was my first one from Canada.  I was there early and stayed for almost an hour but no luck.

The new artisan area (moved there about 3 weeks ago) was like both a zoo and a crazy house!  There are still some kinks to work out and I need to rethink my meeting place.

Then I was back on Wednesday for my group from Texas…only one ship so I was sure it would work ok.  But again I got there early and waitied almost an hour to no avail.  The buses were coming in half full so I figured the group changed their minds.

I have since learned that the group on Monday found Buddy’s on the malecon and left their donations there soI will go and pick them up.  The second group I am waiting to see if I hear from anyone in downtown Progreso who met up with them.

Sorry to both groups.