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This winter, Carmita and Dara visited Pencuyut once again this time taking baby and wee children’s clothes and shoes.  This village of Pencuyut is an extremely poor region and are always delighted to receive help from us.

I have talked about it before but it does not hurt to do so again.

Pencuyut is a suburb of Tecoh.  Pencuyut originally was called ‘ cehn-yuc ‘ which is Maya for “well of the deer”. The legend says when the first inhabitants arrived they found many venison bones. It has approximately 2000 inhabitants; there are people of all ages.

This area is more affected by the cold winters than we are along the Gulf.  It can get as cold as zero degrees so they enjoy the hats and sweaters we take them.

The village maintains itself with milpas where the men grow and harvest corn. There are schools that teach from kindergarten to high school with telesecundaria being a satellite program via internet.  There are 3 high school teachers working with the young adults.  The Food Bank sent donations for the children and some adults and they were very grateful.