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Ayudar es Compartir–To Help is to Share–and that is exactly what young people from 6 Mayan communities are doing.  Through the Maya Indian Missions organization, those who receive scholarships and go on to further their education in turn share their knowledge, talents, and time with their communities in various ways.  I am specifically focusing on educational programs that have been organized for approximately 100 school children in the Mayan communities of No-ac, Cosgaya, San Antonio Hool, and Sierra Papacal, and it is for these children that I am asking for help in obtaining school supplies.

Having received this request, I have shared some of the school supplies received from the cruise ship visitors.

These small pueblos are found between Merida ad Progreso.

This is the thank you note from the facilitator; “good morning, the school supplies you and your team shared with us at Ayudar es Compartir  I am very grateful for and please share this thank you with them.  I will use them in group activities and they are a big help, God bless them for this donation and generosity. Greetings from Merida Yucatan. Miriam.”  Report from Rosemary.