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First Muelle Bazar of the season will be on Thursday Dec. 18th in Chicxulub.

Other dates for future months will be at 9 AM

Jan 8th and 22nd

Feb  12th and 26th

March  12th and 26th

Lots of returning favourites and new artisans.

The Bazar del Muelle was a wonderful success with its new location, previous and new vendors attending, lots of food to try and families to help.  People began appearing at 7:15 to set up for the day.  Maria de Chiapas arrived first with her husband and was ready to go by 7:30.  The remainder or the vendors arrived and got themselves set-up and were ready before 0900.  The mood was positive and happy.

There was a small Christmas tree for people to buy Christmas balls with kids’ names from the Food Bank and that raised 1294 pesos that will be used for student activities such as a trip to the Museo, a course in self-defense during semana santa or programming for next summer.  THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO BOUGHT AN ORNAMENT AND HUNG IT ON THE TREE!

There was a table selling beef jerky, another cheese and yet another selling sausages and sauerkraut.  Other vendors were there with wonderful smelling items.

There was also a sneak peak at some of Olga’s new work and her fellow designers!

As you look through the photos you can enjoy the experience of being there!  Please excuse any duplication…I was dizzy by the time I finished!

From Nola…

Muelle Market-

A New Year- A New Place –Some New Vendors

We started the new Market year off in style. We are at a new venue in Chicxulub called ..D’Mar Social de Eventos. Located at Calle 28 between calle 21 and 23. Just look for the new signs to show you the way. We have had rave revues from the customers and the vendors. The new space is large and airy with a small garden space and has a calm and comfortable ambiance. We have some new vendors this year..just to name a few…we have Maria from Chiapas sell handcrafted tops, shawls and handbags, we have Socorro who does beautiful crochet tops, bathing suit cover and more, and we have new food vendors this year also. We also welcome back our regular vendors Anita with homemade sausages…Ligia with local honey…Jorge with his jewellery…Martin with his hand carved masks..Olga with her clothes..Joan with her beautiful table covers and many more. Any questions please contact us at muellemarket@gmail.com or on facebook: Muelle Market-Bazar Del Muelle. We are all looking forward to see you at the Market.

Next market is Jan. 8th