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Anyone coming this winter and can bring an audiometer for us to do hearing tests with the children please let me know.

There is also donations of knitted slippers and toques that needs to get here.

I have two audiometers waiting to be used in Chicxulub but need them here.  The price of shipping is outrageous.  Anyone coming on West-jet – remember they have their Humanitarian program.

The audiometer is made of injected plastic so each only weighs 6.5 lbs or around 3 kilos….Dimensions are 18″ long by 14.5″ wide & around 7″ high….they are slightly wedge shaped, similar to a small portable typewriter, (if any of you remember the typewriter)…..the make & model are Maico MA-27 if you want to check them out on-line….I did try to copy and paste the link but was not successful!

Thanks so much.