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Last month, October I told you I had accepted 40 new names to assess for the Food Bank roster.  So far, I have visited 10 families and accepted 2 for the program. A change made was the request for each family to pay 10 pesos a month for the despensa as a symbolic gesture, thanking for the help.  I have been struggling with this idea almost since day one and decided it was time.

I see many of the families coming to pick up their despensa eating some type of junk food so I have been convinced this is a plausible step.

Many people have told me that a small payment is necessary so the people understand tht they must give a bit back as well.  I am a tad nervous about this change.

If there are clients who cannot pay the 10 pesos, they will be expected to do one -2 hours volunteer work somewhere in the community.  The entire concept of volunteerism and giving back to the community is new to Chicxulub and I will persevere. The families received an explanation and letter at the October despensa and there was no discussion  or questions asked.  Let’s see what happens.

So what will I do with the money you ask?  I have several thoughts but am still mulling it over until I see what happens.  I will share my decision with you in the very near future.

Our roster now has 90 families listed and today was a sunny day.  It was implementation day for the symbolic 10 pesos per despensa from each of the families.

The implementation of the symbolic 10 pesos went very well.  By noon, 88 famlies had come for their despensa, 87 paid their 10 pesos and 2 were signed up to volunteer.

Carmita, who was a great help stayed behind and signed up another 15 families.  They understand that I will not be visiting them until the new year.

The vitamin pick-up went smoothly and all children received their monthly supply.

All in all, the morning was a success and the new process is underway.