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Happy Anniversary

We are beginning our 13th year on November 5th of managing the Food Bank.  It has been an exciting and interesting time and not a day goes by that I do not learn something new!

In November 2005 I started with 50 families thanks to Rita’s help at Las Casuelas receiving dispensas every month and the project has become so much more than only food.

There is a community pride that has slowly taken hold as families learn about their family roots and their village of Chicxulub.

During this time we  have gone from having Carmita volunteer to work with the program to a group of 9 young volunteers and families who help out in the summer.

We have a good working relationship with Syndicato de Albaniles who let us use their centre for dispensa prep and special workshops along with the schools.

The community of Puerto Chicxulub has a history of more than 450 years and was part of the territory of the chiefdom Nakuk Pech. Currently its municipal seat is Progreso which was founded 130 years ago with the goal of having a commercial port that was closer to the capital Mérida, than the port of Sisal.

Chicxulub Puerto alongside Chuburná lookouts were declared lookouts in 1663 for the defense of the north coast from the incursion of pirates.

This port is famous for being the epicenter of the crater which took its name, caused by the impact of a meteorite that collided with Earth about 65 million years ago. The crater dating from the Late Cretaceous period is about 180 kilometers in diameter.

I hope to learn more with the submissions of family histories.

We continue to encourage donations of beans and rice at our various events…please remember us.

The November dispensa went smoothly with  another new family registered.  We are now at 47.  Everyone was smiling and enjoying the social interaction.  Have a look…