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Congratulations  as we begin our 12th year of providing services to the village of Chicxulub.

The morning of our birthday dawned overcast and wet but that did not dampen the fun we had.

Packing the dispensas yesterday was really a piece of cake.  When we arrived at 10:30 the work had been done by Malu and Carmita.  Several volunteers came to see the new “home” and pitch in.

Here is a bit of history from 2004 so you will understand better all the hard work done by many and how we have managed to continue this project now for 12 years.

Way back in 2004 I met Carlos, a teacher at Andres Quintana Roo thanks to a friend of mine.  Talking with him and meeting his students opened the door for me and sent me in the direction that I find myself today along with you.

I began to understand how needy this community is and a bit of the culture that is at work here.  Today I am much further ahead in my understanding but still learn many new things every day of the year.

Many of you have heard me say “just when I think I have it…I don’t.”

Where we have worked from…

We have all worked hard to keep the cost of feeding a family at an acceptable level.  I have never said that the dispensa covers an entire month but it is a consistent amount that the families receive each month.

The average cost of the dispensa for the past year was 66.90 pesos compared to the cost in our first year 2005-2006 of 41.80.

The cost per year to Adopt-A-Family began at $50 in 2005 and today in 2016 is $75.  I am holding the program to that cost.

In 2005 there were 50 families on the roster and in there were 90.  I started doing a census every year in December in 2014 to assess any changes within the families.  This is how I see that families have improved their situation having things like motorbikes, dish TV and dispensas from their place of work.  It is only fair that the donations go to the very needy and not those who have decided their ability to have a few extra comforts in life.

Now I need your help.  When you are here for the season and you see any powdered milk on sale at Bodega or Soriana’s please let me know.  It is the most expensive item in the dispensa at 17.56 2 litre package and I will not discontinue it so I am always looking for the best price.

Also when you attend any of our functions please remember to bring a 900 mgm bag of beans or rice for the Beans and Rice bin.  There is a bin at the Muelle Market to put your donation in. Many of you did this last season  when visiting Mamma Mias but we have no home yet other than our functions.

We have a new spot at the Muelle Market so please come see us and continue to support our raffles for the children.